Wyze for use as NVR with no Internet, USB Webcam style or RTSP

I already own a handful of Wyze cams in my home. I’ve already read all the articles about no internet and even how to use them as USB webcams.

Here’s what I want to do ultimately…

Create a DIY “poormans” NVR security camera system for a warehouse/office that has no internet. Something I can go back and check the footage later with.
And I like the quality and price of the Wyze cams. And, if there’s ever a reliable internet connection someday, I can put them back to normal mode to use them as designed.

I have three rooms I want to monitor and record. I was planning on using an old laptop for the NVR recording software put it in a hard-to-get place.
So, now my question to those who may have a real opinion…
I’m thinking I’ve got two options with the Wyze cams:
1 - Wyze USB Webcam firmware and hard-wire them directly to the laptop. (long USB cables or even USB>Ethernet>USB extenders should work.
2 - Wyze RTSP Firmware, setup a local wireless network, capture and record the video feeds on a laptop via RTSP.

Do either of those non-standard firmware options still record to the internal SD card? Or am I 100% reliant on the NVR software for both?
Am I overlooking anything else? I’m leaning more towards the hard-wired solution at this point.

Why not place a WiFi router on premise and run RTSP?

A WiFi router doesn’t require Internet connectivity and will allow the cams to connect to the localized network, (though Wyze cams do on initial setup).

Or am I overlooking something?

EDIT: the USB specification limits the length of a cable between full speed devices to 5 meters (just under 16 feet 5 inches)

That’s exactly the 2nd scenario I described.
USB is easy to extend though with other things as I said. USB over Ethernet, etc. so that’s not problem. Just trying to think of the easiest and most useful and reliable solution.