Smart Gate lock with video doorbell (Single unit)

I would love to see a gate lock for entry into the back yard. To give access to pest control, pool and yard service or friends for BBQ. I’m guessing a hub would be needed for extended range, your video door bell, and a dumbed down version of your door lock. You could also market this product to keep young kids from leaving the back yard when they are playing without adult supervisor. For yards with a fence to separate the pool from the yard you could have save kids from access or maybe blocked out hours like after dark. Idk, but I spent $150 just for a electronic gate lock. I would be happy to pay that or more for a wireless lock with schedules and video for bell built into one unit. I would also have use for this at my office to open the gate for employees after hours. To see who is coming and going maybe with a employee passcode. The uses would be so valuable to me and hopefully others too.

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Is there a chance you might produce a lock/sensor for outdoor gates?


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Suggestion for a new product

Thanks for your amazing products (I own most). An idea for a new product: Existing gate entry products out there are awful, e.g., The new product basically combines the Wyze doorbell/camera with a smart-lock (but instead of turning a door bolt, simply outputting a gate open command) - all in a tamperproof housing. None of your competitors are doing this. Thanks again


Gate controller w/ Intercom and keypad

I recently purchased a GBF Electronics WiFi IP Doorbell ( and it works great but it is not part of the Wyze system. Please make a comparable item. Must have the following in one unit:
Day/Night camera (V3 is awesome) (not portrait)
Microphone with noise cancelling (cars running in close proximity)
Speaker w/ volume control (must be loud but adjustable)
Keypad w/ backlight
Doorbell / Intercom Call Button
1 or 2 dry contact points for gate or lock control
12v or POE power source
SD Card

All of this is part of the existing ecosystem, it just needs to be in one device. Ill test any prototype.

The use case would be entry control for gates, garages, doors, ect.

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Gate Opener with Camera and PinPad

I would love to integrate a gate opener with my other Wyze products. I have a gate opener with just a pin pad but I can’t control it from my app. With deliveries, it would be nice just to open the gate from my phone instead of giving them a pin that never expires.

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Pool gate alarms/pool alarm

Hi Everyone!!!
I’m reaching out to the wishlist and hoping to get a lot of votes for this idea!! I dare say we all already, children’s safety is of highest priority when it comes to owning a swimming pool. Regardless if it’s about ground or an in ground pool, drownings each year are happening. As a pool owner myself, I have been in the search for the best alarms and still haven’t yet found one suitable. So I had the thought, what if it could connect to my home security system and notify our phones similar to the home security system. A way that the gate alarms can be turned on and off like our home systems. But also so that it would notify our devices each time it’s opened. Furthermore, if the alarm is set, and the gate is opened, unless it is disarmed, someone could be dispatched to the home, or access home cameras and if someone or something is in distress, help would be there In minutes and potentially save many lives! I believe very strongly in the products of the Wyze family, and also that they product them at an affordable price! Many families may not be able to afford alarms as they are several hundreds of dollars, but I know it’s important for Wyze to provide quality at affordable pricing. I feel more families would purchase them at the affordable price.

Thank you all for your time!!

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Wyze Gate Opener

We need a Wyze gate opener. That could also have a cam option with it. I have a gate opener which is just basically press the button to open/close. Having gate opener with a cam option would be great because it could would like the lock, you just get close and it will open automatically for you, with the optional cam with it you can see whos at your gate and/or see anything/anybody at or around your gate(Mail/packages/people/animals etc). I think it would be another WYZE thing to think about.