Smart Outdoor Padlock

Would Wyze ever consider making a smart outdoor padlock? This would enable customers to have a smart lock experience with entryways not typically suitable for a real deadbolt lock (e.g. a front or back fenced gates, a storage shed, a cabinet).

In an ideal world, this would allow you to set combinations for the lock without needing to go through the manual process traditional padlocks require, unlock/lock it remotely, and/or the ability to set multiple combinations with schedules. e.g a landscaper who needs to get into your yard on certain days can do so without giving the singular code out.

Are you thinking about a Bluetooth only lock which would unlock/lock when you approach the lock or WiFi?

I would think Bluetooth is more secure.

I was originally thinking WiFi but I see the value in Bluetooth too if someone were to use it to lock a truck up for example or even a bicycle.

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A hurdle I see with this is there are a variety of gate latches and locking mechanisms so it might not be as simple as one size fits all. What latch do you have on your gate? Pics here would be great to help wyze get an idea of our needs.

For padlocks, WiFi would likely cause battery issues so youd likely need a WiFi to Bluetooth hub. A BLE padlock would be great however.

Yeah, understood one padlock wouldn’t fit everything, There are, however, a lot of gates / mechanisms that padlocks do lock so this would just be replacing a regular padlock with one that has more functionality. Picture of the gate latch we use attached ( i think it’s a pretty common one).

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You’re definitely right. Padlocks are a option for many types of gate latches. Somehow, I managed to confuse myself and thought you were referring to the latch itself for some reason lol.

But Looking at this for a Wyze perspective, they’d probably want to go for a full latch retrofit for gates.

This doesn’t mean that they should disgard the idea of a BLE lock however, a quick Amazon search shows a few Bluetooth and fingerprint locks for around $40

Hoping this discussion can bring up interesting ideas for Wyze.

I hear the lock picking lawyer sharpening his tools.

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I think this would be great! I have a shed that I could really use this for. I would like to see both wifi and Bluetooth so I can set pins for other people for one use. My neighbor uses some of the things in my shed so I would love to have one for my fence and shed.

Here’s an idea!

Bicycle lock

I’d sure love to see an ABUS-like Bluetooth bike lock. Show about it?