Outdoor Waterproof Wyze Lock (deadbolt)

I want to be able to put a wyze lock on the side gate of my house. I has a deadbolt currently on it. There is really nothing other there so that you can put an electronic door lock on a side gate/door that is fully outside.

Having the same issue. It has been nearly impossible finding any smartlock suppliers that have a solution that is weatherproof on both sides.


Yes, Same request. Seems the partner LockIn has a model that is waterproof.

Yes. This is a real need. Locks that can be attached to gates would complete the access and control package.

I have searched everywhere for a wireless lock that can be used entirely outdoor. I have a door that is on a courtyard that leads to the house. All the locks I’ve found are waterproof only on one side of the instillation. My current Lock has rotted out in less than a year. I can’t be the only person who needs such a device.

Gate / Outdoor lock

I would really like to be able to secure our property gates. Please make both sides of the Wyze Lock Bolt weatherproof!

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Ok, at least several of us here are being vocal and looking for the same weatherproofed on both sides deadbolt lock - c’mon WYZE, there are barely any other similar solutions on the market. Help us out!

Same, looking for a waterproof outdoor smart deadbolt for the backyard.

I need it

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