Cannot install Wyze lock deadbolt with lock on both sides

I bought a Wyze lock and not able to install it.
My front door deadbolt doe NOT have thumb latch, but a key. SO I have key on both sides. Is there a way O can install the Wyze lock? Really want to find a way

@levpius Welcome to the Wyze community! If your current deadbolt doesn’t work with the Wyze Lock, shop around for a used one.

I would recommend shopping around for a used deadbolt parts. One place to look would be Habitat for Humanity ReStore. They usually have many old deadbolt used parts for a couple of dollars or so. Shopping around old thrift stores would be another option. Hope this helps and good luck.

Edit: If the bolt pattern lines up correctly, you can remove the inside key cylinder and keep the other cylinder on the outside. The Wyze Lock comes with a thumb latch for the inside.

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Your suggestion about using cheap ones may not be so easy for us as the front door lock is not to be changed without adequate representation at our home HOA which has stipulated so.

Regarding your other suggestion, the bolt pattern does seem to line up. “Wyze Lock comes with a thumb latch for the inside”- Can you show me a video or picture that shows this part?

The Wyze Lock only replaces the inside portion of your deadbolt, leaving the internal components and exterior key assembly.

If one of the provided adapters fits on the internal shaft, you should be good to go.


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