Want to know more about Wyze Locks?

I am interested in learning more about the Wyze Lock? Does anyone in the community here have it? From my understanding it is installed onto the standard deadbolt lock of a door and/or unit?

I live in an apartment building, would this lock be making any alterations to the apartment unit door exteriorly if I were to get one.

I just do not trust some of the people on my floor or at least this side of the floor where I live. I know for certain some people have been keying the door and gaining entry to the unit. I did have a working Wyze Cam V2.

I have requested of my landlord to change my unit door lock to a better lock at my own expense, but they will not allow for this. I went to a pop-up in the mall where they police department were. They had a display with different types of locks for house and apartment locks that are secure, the police officer recommended one. I tried to share this with the landlord and they would not hear of it. I told them I was willing to have this lock for my door installed at my expense and of course giving them a key to the lock.

So back on to Wyze Lock, I under that it gets installed over the so-called current dead bolt I currently have on the exterior of my unit door?

Tell me and/or share with me more. Anyone that is more familiar with this and had success with the Wyze Lock :slight_smile:


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Yes and no. The part of the lock that the key goes into will not change but on the inside of the door you will need to unscrew your locking mechanism (see attached picture). The Wyze lock is installed in it’s place. The installation isn’t too bad and can be changed back when you move out.

Because you’re in an apartment, the auto-open function may not work as well as you would like. Mine works 50% of the time but if you use the app to unlock the door it works 99% of the time.

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@charmainejensen Complete Wyze Lock Setup Guide :slightly_smiling_face:

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