Questions about Wyze Lock?


I’interested by Wyze Lock and Keypad Bundle, and I’ve some questions.

If I understand correctly I can install Wyze Lock on the current single-cylinder deadbolt lock of my home exterior/front doors (if my deadbolt is in compatibility list).

I’ve to install a Wyze Lock Gateway to connect Wyze Lock on Internet, and manage it from Wyze App.

Wyze App is free and available on Google Android and Apple iOS systems.
Does managing locks from your Wyze App, via Internet, require a paid subscription?

Is it possible to set an auto-relocking (for example, the Wyze Lock is always going to lock itself after 15 minutes on an unlocked door)?

I live in Quebec state in Canada, and the weather temperature could be extrem, from -22°F in winter to 86°F in summer.
Do you know if Wyze Lock is going to work properly on home exterior/front doors in all seasons.

I also have a outside garden door (on my fence), can I use your Wyze Lock on it?

Thank you for your help

No, no subscription is required to use the Wyze Lock

Yes, you can set the lock to auto lock when the door closes or at a set time after it is closed

Cannot speak to the -22 degrees, but I believe there is no issue with this as the actual lock is inside the house. the side exposed to the exterior is what it is today.

The lock is not water proof. It is meant to be mounted inside the house or garage and simply will unlock the door when selected to do so.