Wyze Lock and the weather

I live in Northern Michigan, where winters sometimes present a challenge. Can I use a Wyze lock on the door of my unheated garage?

The operating temperature of the lock is listed as 131 to 14 degrees Fahrenheit, so it would probably depend on how cold the inside of the garage gets.


Thanks for the quick response. It appears that I’ll just have to try it. The garage is insulated and seldom goes below 40*F, but the current lockset shows a thick cover of frost on some mornings.

If the coldest sits in the 30-40 area I would think you should be ok

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I live in Wisconsin where winters are cold. My Wyze locks have regularly failed to auto lock and failed to respond to keyboard entry to the point my family is yelling at me.
I love the locks user experience and ergonomics when the weather is warm.
I’m going to have to get rid of it unfortunately and sadly.

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