Wyze Lock on garage door

I have a Wyze Lock and I would like to use it on a garage door. Winter temps get pretty cold in the northeast. Will this be a problem? Does anyone use one on a garage door where temps can get down near freezing?

I have had one on a garage door in Michigan since it was announced. no issues at all. just keep an eye on the battery levels. this will be my first winter with the keypad so I will have to keep an extra eye out on that battery level, but I placed it in a fairly protected spot on the doorframe just for piece of mind. you should be just fine.

mind has held up through two pretty nice ice storms. thats the great part of the Wyze lock. its all on the inside of the door… protected.


I also have a Wyze lock on my garage door where it gets down below 15 degrees Fahrenheit and it is fine.