Wyze Lock as a privacy lock?

At my apartment, the “privacy lock” isn’t a chain but a separate deadbolt that isn’t accessible on the exterior side. Is it a crazy idea to have a Wyze lock hooked up to the privacy deadbolt? My apartment staff likes trying to come in when I’m not home even if I don’t give permission so I’d love to lock lock it when I’m not home. It’s a bit risky I know.

What are the odds of losing my connection to the Wyze Lock and being permanently locked out? Because that would certainly not be good haha.

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If there is no other way to unlock the privacy lock from the outside, then I wouldn’t do it.

Now, my lock has been working for months, haven’t had any issues with using it via bluetooth, over LTE, or on wifi at home. So, it seems very reliable to me, but I also have a key and garage door opener to get in the house so I don’t have a fear of it not working.

If you were to do it, I’d say you’d want the keypad, and to replace the batteries sooner than you normally would. Probably before it hits 10%. If the battery dies, then it’s game over, man.

Also, make sure you never set auto-lock just in case you go outside and close the door behind you and forgot your key.

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Consider prosecuting, suing, or moving… If you have Wyzecams you’ve got evidence.