Wyze Sense outdoors

Has anyone had any success in using Wyze Sense sensors outdoors?

I’m particularly interested in using the door sensor outside. I’ve tried a couple of enclosures but I’m struggling to find something that’s a) small and neat, b) weatherproof and c) doesn’t force the magnet/sensor too far apart so as movement doesn’t register!

I’d love to see an outdoor rated sensor but in the meantime I’d like to get this working. It would be great to hear your views!?

Funny enough I was going to start looking into this for my 2 garden gates

Probably use a different magnet so it’s not as noticeable

Was tempted to notch the frame & embed it in

Just spit balling here… but since its a contained system that only needs wifi and magnetic force to work - couldn’t it be wrapped in plastic wrap, or use a heat shrink, or even dip it in plastic tool dip (may be overkill)? This would also need a double sided tape or other adhesive since the provided one would be covered as well. Then it would just need to be cut out and reapplied when the battery needs to be replaced.

I’ve used one outside on our porch for a few months with success. It is sheltered from rain and has been working well tied into ifttt and my Tp-link lightswitch. I have it switch on the lights for 5 minutes whenever it detects motion between sunset and sunrise.

Just waiting to see how it will handle a Canadian winter.

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The individual sensors aren’t using WiFi. They are using something like zigbee or z-wave to communicate with the bridge. The bridge piggy backs on the camera’s WiFi connection.


Very true, I should have said “wireless signal”

I use one on my garage door. Had to use gutter tape to attach it. Works great with the camera in my garage

Not quite outdoors as it’s inside your garage

Wonder if cingfilm will hold up to keep it dry outside

Also wonder if I do notch out a section of gate frame whether the wood when wet will block the signal

probably too late but i just made these


Just ordered. These look like a great solution. I have 2 extra sensors, so I’ll try these on the pool gate and mailbox. Now I’m curious of the range of the sensors potentially being an issue for outdoor use.

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Thanks, They have been updated so the ones you ordered are slightly different. There is a video of me explaining it if you want to know the details but it is the same principal so you will figure it out.

If I have questions, I know who to reach out to. :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks

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Any plans on creating a similar outdoor bracket for Sense v2 contact sensors?

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yeah I will be posting a video and an Etsy listing next week.

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Awesome! :+1: I’d love to try one. Color doesn’t matter as I’ll be spraying it to match a weathered gate. Will probably think of a few more uses before you have them ready.

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