Pool Alarm

I have a Wyze Cam v3 pointed at my swimming pool We are required to have a floating alarm in the pool that will go off when something large (like a child or larger) were to fall in. It would be a great option to add a pool alarm notification similar to smoke or CO2 detector to get alerts if/when a pool aram is set off.

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That’s a great idea! Maybe integrated with the new home monitoring service somehow?
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This is the brand of pool alarm that I have and I know is very popular and satisfy the residential swimming pool code for alarms.

I saw a wishlist for a floating pool alarm but I think wyze needs to add to that and include a pool tester into the floating alarm. It could link to the app and tell me my ph balance, chlorine levels, etc. and in the app I can put in how many gallons my pool is and the app would use the readings from the floating pool alarm/tester to calculate what I need to add. Imagine waking up in the morning and opening the wyze app and it tells me I need to add x amount of sodium bicarbonate to change the pH level. Also the alarm aspect of it can link to your phone app and the home monitoring system…maybe a selection to utilize the alarms on your cameras too (kind of an all hands on deck…any possible alarm will go off if unapproved access to pool takes place in an effort to protect kids)

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