Add sound detection for high pitched sound from water alarm

I use cheap water alarms that produce a high pitched sound when water is detected. I turned sensitivity all the way up but it will not detect the high pitched alarm. This feature would be awesome to limit a costly flood.

I don’t think it’s possible for Wyze Cams to be programmed to detect any high pitched sound as an alarm. The reason it works for smoke and CO alarms is that those are highly regulated as to pitch, volume and tone pattern.

If you are trying to get the Wyze Cam’s general sound alert to function when your water alarm goes off, you may need to move the camera closer to the source of the sound.

That said, there are many internet connected water alarms available on the market that can be programed to send you a text or email when water is detected. Who knows, maybe Wyze will even eventually develop such a product.

Like said, Move camera closer to water alarms , or you could get a set up like this , you can add 7 sensors to the AcuRite Access . I have the system , With a water sensor Plus Temperature and humidity Sensors , I know , It’s not cheap but it works great .

Thanks for the tips, however, putting the alarm speaker right next to the wyze cam made no difference. If I can find an alarm that announces water leak this may work. I’ve read reviews on many of the available Wi-Fi water sensors and I’m hesitant to purchase them as many say they become disconnected from the Wi-Fi and are not reliable. I may consider the acurite you mentioned.


If you have The ,detects sound , enabled in event recording, It should pick up the sound easily , That is separate from the alarm settings .
I have a cam in my basement Monitoring my water pump , Sensitivity is set to zero And it detects the pump Every time 3 feet away

Agree. The only reason I can think of that it might not would be if the frequency of the alarm is above the frequency range of detection by the camera. But I really doubt that would be the case.

Have you tried recording with sound recording on to make sure the mike in the camera is actually picking up and sending sound? Or just live stream with sound on to see if you hear sound transmitted by the camera. If not, then you’ve got a camera with a bad mike.

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sound works fine and it detects my smoke alarm…it was worth a try!

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And just to be clear… you have Sound Detection turned on in Event Recording > Detects Sound? It will definitely not detect your water alarm if only the Alarm Settings > Smoke/CO Alarm switches are on.

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I had detect sound on, no doubt about it. Even turned sensitivity to the highest it could go. I just listened to sound on my app with no issues. For the sump pump is it detecting the motor going off or done alarm?

Thank you for all your assistance.

No alarm for the water pump, just the motor going off , I can also view the pressure gauge from 3 ft…
My acurite water sensor Is On the floor for the sump pump Overflow , not the water pump the water pump Is monitored with the wyze Cam

Sounds like your settings are not right or your camera is defective.
Have you tried a different camera ?

I guess one more thing you might try is to put a radio near the camera on a talk show on a fairly loud volume and see if it triggers a sound event. If not, then it’s really sounding like a defective camera.

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If you don’t want to shell out hundreds of dollars for smart smoke, carbon and leak sensors, then I suggest you do like me and get a Leeo Smart Alert. It listens to the sounds of all your safety devices and alerts you if any of them go off. It works well for water too, even though they’re not defined/regulated sounds like smoke and carbon monoxide.

It calls you, your family and the authorities when an alarm is detected. It works with hundreds of smart devices through IFTTT, and its even a nice customizable night light. I have a two story house and it detects everything downstairs and upstairs. It costs $99 though, but it sure beats spending hundreds of dollars to buy a bunch of smart safety devices.

I have one of these alarms. It sends me an email and text message when it detects water. I have IFTTT set to flash my lights when the text message comes in.

Zircon Leak Alarm

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+1 on the Leeo … I have these and also purchased cheap water leak sensors from Amazon (~$10 each). I placed a sensor underneath each sink, behind toilets, behind fridge (water source for ice), water heater and washing machine. As a bonus, I added the Zwave Dome valve shut off. When water alarm is detected, Leeo triggers IFTTT which in turn shuts off the house main water valve via Wink. Whole process takes less than 45 seconds or so from when a water alarm sounds. Now only if I could get an insurance discount for this!!

Very cool and impressive. I’m going to check out the leeo device. I tried again tonight and this time I had luck with my wyze cam detecting the alarm, go figure! I will keep testing to see if its consistent.

Appreciate everyone’s advice, suggestions etc.

I’m exploring an ideal solution now too for my sump pump. I’m curious if you settled on a solution that worked for you?

I have something called a LEEO that I bought at Best Buy. It was maybe $100, and it listens for alarms and sends me a notification. It will also call up to 3 numbers (or the police department if you specify). It comes built in for smoke detectors, but I also taught it to recognize my water detector alarms. It even once sent me a notification when one of my UPS’s started to make a regular beeping noise. I don’t know how it works, but it does. Seems like something Wyze could come up with too, but it’s asking a lot for a $25 device…

I don’t have any need for my sump pump water leak detector to act as a smoke detector or to call the police or anything like that. I settled on the mydlink Wi-Fi Water Sensor DCH-S161 long before you replied. But thanks for replying!

This post is a follow up to my conversation with Wyze customer service (thank you for your quick responses and good customer service.

Please reference Wyze issue# / reference# 444319). I uploaded a sample video footage of the water detector recording.

I have the wyze cam pan and I tested it with my smoke alarms. the wyze cam pan will issue an “alert event” from the smoke alarm’s loud sound. however, it doesn’t seem to detect the loud alarm sound from my water detector (a little quieter from my smoke alarm but still loud). this is very important because if I get water in my basement again, the water detector will go off with the loud alarm sound and I need the wyze cam pan to detect it and send an “alert event.” It seems the software/firmware isn’t programmed to detect any type of noise because this is a very audible nose. I guess only variations in sound is recognizable enough to send an “alert event”?

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