Does wyze sell a noise sensor that will alert me if the noise gets too high?

Does wyze sell a noise sensor that will alert me if the noise gets too high?

There is not a device that is specifically dedicated to sound dB levels, but all of the cameras have sound detection and you can change the sensitivity and get notifications for sounds that get above that level of sensititivity. I use this as a baby monitor so my camera will alert me whenever my toddler makes a sound loud enough to tell me she’s awake. I have it set so it doesn’t alert me for every sound she makes while she sleeps or every nearby sound. I set it so it’s just sensitive enough to tell me about sounds that mean she’s awake. Then I can either look at the video or go see her and get her up. So I do basically use one of my cameras as a sound detection device just as is being asked. The following are my settings. First my sensitivity levels:

Then make sure you’re set up for the camera to record events when it hears sounds within that sound level threshold you set.

Then make sure you’re set to be notified when it detects such a loud sound:

If you find you want it to report sounds louder or softer, just adjust the sensitivity until you get to the right volume to suit your needs.

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The idea is a new device which is quite simple. It is a volume level sensor. It cannot record the sound just detect amplitude. It is used in rental units to ensure that the sound does not exceed some limit. i.e. in weekly vacation rentals there are often stipulations about parties and no loud music after 10 or something similar. If there were a way to alert when the sound exceeded some limit then I could do something about it.

In that case, no, Wyze does not have any device that will do that and there is not one currently listed on the roadmap as in development or even researching.

A quick search showed there are other people who have designed their own such device through things like home assistant. You might have luck searching for a walk through for making one.