Reduce microphone sensitivity/ use alarm detection for door chime?

We’re trying to implement a funky sort of alarm system by having a camera send a notification if our door alarm/greeter goes off in the middle of the night. The alarm is a sort of “Yoo-hoo!” semi-musical chime, and we set it to be quite loud. Problem is that, even with the sound sensitivity set to “1” on the camera, it still gets triggered by other random sounds, like boom cars going by, random thumps, etc.
Is it possible that just setting the smoke alarm sensing on would react to the chime (only)? Or, perhaps I should place some kind of physical baffling over the microphone port (wherever that is…) to even further reduce it sensitivity.
Anyways, perhaps somebody has some experience/suggestions…


The smoke detector system listens for specific wavelengths of sound. This cannot be changed at this time.

You can probably do what you want to do with a Wyze Motion Sensor that would detect the door opening.

I’ve never used the sound triggers, just because I felt like there are too many opportunities for false positives. I live by a busy street, and the camera can’t pinpoint the source of a sound.

I’d recommend getting the Wyze Sense system. If you just want to know when a door opens, a contact sensor shouldn’t give you any false positives.