Camera sound detection of smoke detector

I would like to use one camera in the house to detect sound from the smoke detector. It is an open floorplan and the camera would be on the other end of the house. Would it be able to detect the smoke detector sound from a distance?

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It may be possible as it is an open floor plan. What you can do is setup the V3 and do a simple test and see if it works out.

Setup a rule and select Detects Smoke Alarm, then the action could be to Turn the Siren on for the same camera or many cameras.

These are the available triggers.


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Wyze cams have a Sound Sensitivity Detection Setting that can be adjusted. The larger the area monitored for sound, the higher you will want the setting to be listening for the Smoke or Carbon Monoxide alarms. But, the higher you set it, the higher the probability of a false detection.

In the Alarm Settings for the cam, you will need to enable Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm Sounds so that you get Push Notifications and so the Siren Rule will execute when it hears an alarm.

When my smoke detector goes off near the kitchen my camera in the garage that is an OG camera that has to hear the smoke detector through two walls into the garage… sends me an alert about the smoke alarm that’s the only indoor camera I have the rest are outside. I would say yes it will detect it.

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My V2 cameras haven’t been able to detect my smoke detector or CO detector alarms for a couple months. Seems like Wyze has broken that feature too.

My v3s and og detects it all the time because every time my girlfriend’s cooking the detector goes off LOL and I have it set for a rule that the siren goes off on the camera also

Managed to get my Smoke/CO alerts working again.
I turned the smoke/CO alarm settings off and on a couple of times, then rebooted the camera. That seems to have fixed it. Sound detection sensitivity can be low at ‘1’. Record sound events can be off. Record sound in advanced settings needs to be on.

Must have hung up on a firmware update a while ago. Wish these things would just work without all the constant resets and trouble shooting by customers.

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