Smoke alarms

How sensitive are the sensors to listen for these alarms? I have them both turned on on the app for this camera and have tested both my smoke and Carbon monoxide detectors. They made the distinct 3 and 4 beep alarms as if there were going off. My camera never gave me the alert. The smoke detector is in the same room as the camera. The Carbon Monoxide detector is up half of a level so I could see that one being too far.

Any suggestions? Otherwise, the cameras are awesome, I keep discovering sweet stuff the camera’s do! I look forward to the update that lets you select zones for the motion detection. How far are you guys away from that happening?



Our cams notified us of the Smoke & Carbon Monoxide alarms when we changed the batteries & tested them.

We have 19 Wyzecams in our house.

Live long & prosper, Sprock.

I believe you need to have your alert schedule active to get those notifications.

Mine work great. Even protected me from an actual fire situation.

Weird, I will have to try to schedule them. I have the alerts turned on, but I guess not scheduled, I was hoping they would alert me anytime the alarms go off.

How close to the alarms are your cameras placed? One of mine is probably 15 feet max in the same room and it doesn’t send me an alert that the alarm went off. It seems weird you would have to schedule them. Wouldn’t you have to turn the schedule on, then have the option to turn on the alarms? I have mine turned on without messing with the schedule as I want them alerting me all the time.

So, the camera itself actually does not sense the smoke and O2? does it tell you if it hears the smoke alarm go off though?

Hello. Can someone please recommend a fair priced smoke alarm that works well with Wyze? Thank you!!!