Wyze cam smoke detection worked for my daughter today

Daughter had a scare. quotes from her

Wyze smoke alarm sound detected
Just had my heart stop! Received this alert on my phone from my Wyze security cameras.

All is ok I was on my way to work so I turned around and headed home. I called husband and woke him up. It appears the oven got knocked on when cleaners were cleaning today.

I think she is glad I gifted her that first camera , she has bought several more.
I’m so glad it wasn’t something worse


Three days ago one of my smoke alarms went off when I was in the house. I dismissed it as a nearby truck backing up, until a Wyze cam alerted me that it heard a smoke detector! Thankfully it was a false alarm on a detector that should have been replaced years ago, but if it had been real the cam alert would have made a big difference!

Interestingly, I had the option to detect smoke and CO alarms turned off until two days before that, when I tested whether the cams could report an alarm for a thread in this forum. So pretty good timing, lol.


You will probably keep it turned on now ah :smile:

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Yes, I find it works if the cam and the detector are in reasonable proximity (direct earshot is best), and you let the detector go through a few 3-tone cycles. In that situation my cams always identified it.

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A couple months ago my daughter had someone come in and install , for free ( I think it was the power company EDIT : it was local fire department ) , smoke in CO detectors

Oh geez
found out the stove was on high broil , so , I guess could have had a meltdown :open_mouth:

Wow! :astonished: