Smoke alarm sounds👍

All my cams, 3 OG and 2 Pan V3 are inside, the OGs look thru windows and the Pans are in the basement.

Nothing exciting to look at. Lol
And I only use the app currently, Tinycam a little, once in a while.

Even with the Wyze cache issue over the last couple days, and bad press all over the Internet, somehow exposing others cam issues…

I have some other battery cams, 5 and 2 doorbells. I treat all the cams as possibly compromised, they’re all connected to the Internet. So…

I thought I’d report something good that I’d been meaning to test but hadn’t yet.

This morning, while she’s making eggs etc., toast will make a smoke alarm go off occasionally, even a little toast smoke. Cheap First Alert alarms.

4 out of 5 of my cameras alerted me to smoke alarm sounds. Rapid, back to back alerts, which prompted me to have a look at the push notifications received.

Odd that the 2 pans in the basement heard it and the OG in the bedroom didn’t.

I increased sound sensitivity from 50 to 75 just in case for all cams.

I can’t hear high pitched sounds well, even with my hearing aids in, unless I’m fairly close to them.

So, what I’ll do with that is add it to Tasker, so when a smoke alarm push occurs, my escape siren sound will play. Loud as heck and I can definitely hear it. Plays from phone to Bluetooth speaker when home and at night.

If the speaker connection drops my phone speaker is backup, day and night.

Samsung modes and routines jacks up the volume at night when charging is plugged in to ear protection level anyhow.

I’m pleased that function worked across several cameras and I’ll still be testing them all just in case.


That is great to hear! Some additional possibilities for alerting you:

I bought from Amazon an aftermarket Honeywell Siren that screeches like a banshee with its butt on fire. It is plugged into a Wyze Smart Plug.

When my V3 Cam “Detects a Smoke Alarm” it triggers a Rule to activate the Wyze Plug so the Honeywell siren starts screaming and all my Cam Sirens are triggered in addition to the Push Notification. You can also have it turn on Wyze bulbs or switches if you have those installed.

Similar to Tasker, I use MacroDroid for the incoming Push Notification to blow up my phone regardless the state it is in.

This is an example of the rule on a single cam:

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I had looked at Macrodroid once and Automate.

But between Samsung modes and routines and Tasker, there not much I can’t do, except what Google won’t allow. Tasker is a bit difficult to learn though.

I don’t even use Alexa for much, no echo’s, just a refurbished HD10 to experiment with.
But do call up the Wyze cameras Smart dash board occasionally on the fire stick just to fiddle with it.

Even figured out how to fire up Alexa routines with IFTTT and voice monkey without verbal commands. For Alexa folks.

Method 3.

Unfortunately, Samsung modes and routines as far as I can see, won’t play a ringtone, which is my escape siren sound, so Tasker does that one. I could change it and change it back with Samsung, but that requires a couple routines and is a hassle.

I do control some smart plugs with it though or with Smartthings etc. pre Wyze first buy, so all 8 plugs are KASA. All kinds of options to control them. Of course the KASA app has some routines.

I downloaded the Smart Life app, but not impressed yet, supposed to sort of put all compatible smart hardware together, but has no 2fa, and is completely and directly from China, just like the sister Tuya app. I’m not paranoid about it, but since they’re a spy machine,…:person_shrugging:, still fiddling with it though for usefulness.

And of course the Wyze app has some very useful routines such as the one you outlined.

Unfortunately, I guess, prior to buying my Wyze cams to test, 1st was the OG, I had purchased some Simplisafe 8 months ago.

Can’t hear the base alarm, added a remote supposed siren, beeps pretty loud but both are like smoke alarm sounds to me. Can’t hear them well. Theirs is a closed system and in hindsight I could have bought and filled Cam Plus with 40 or 50 cameras for the investment and with Wyze home security probably.

Same app issues, hardware issues, connectivity issues, it’s your WiFi issues, :joy:,
bad and slow live views on battery cams, blame deflection to users, support issues and on and on. SMH.

I much prefer Wyze so far, at least they try to fix issues and don’t blame “everything” on end users. My OGs and V3 Pans have been solid for the couple months I have them.

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