Feature Request: Sound Level Inidicator

We use one of our WyzeCams as a baby monitor. Sometimes I’d like to not have the sound enabled but still know if there is any noise happening. A little sound meter (or the option for one) would be a really handy feature


I’ll add this to Wyze’s feature request tracker. In the mean time, have you considered turning on Sound Alerts and having the notification serve as a visual cue that sound occurred?

Yeah Rick that’s what I do now. Couple issues with it though…

  1. If the baby isn’t settled she makes noise for a while and if just have notifications building up. Not the end of the world but not very effective.

  2. I often need this when I’m working on my computer and listening to music. The notification doesn’t really grab my attention and if I leave the camera showing it doesn’t really show them. I used to do this with our old monitor and having a sound bar is much easier to see/notice