Pool chemistry sensor(s)

There’s two options to check chlorine/Ph/etc. levels in my pool:

  1. Pay $500+ for a smart monitor (more like $900+ for a decent system)
  2. Dip a stick into the water and try to match the colors.

This seems like a perfect avenue for Wyze to develop a third, affordable option to monitor pool levels from the app.

That’s an awesome idea

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I like - nay, need - just such a solution. However, I hesitate to vote for it. I just don’t feel that it is in Wyze’s wheelhouse. I’d love to be proven mistaken.

The sticks really are horrible. Aquacheck helped my day-to-day readings (chlorine, pH, alkalinity). Using the sticks for slow-changing metrics, like calcium hardness or cyanuric acis, are more tolerable.

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New Product idea – Wyze Pool Water Analyzer/Monitor

There are a few smart water analyzers out there, but I could see Wyze jumping in. Device could monitor water temperature, analyze water chemistry, acts as an alarm when pool activity is detected.