Wyze pool automation system for pumps, lights, chlorinator, heater, etc

Pool automation systems cost 1000’s of dollars and are end users are often prohibited from buying the equipment; however, the computing power involved in controlling a pump, a couple valves, a salt water generator, lights, heater, etc. could probably all be done with something as basic as a rasberry pi. I’m confident you could create a better, cheaper, more awesome option.

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The existing systems are crazy expensive and not that impressive

After opening my pool and getting everything dialed in this year I would consider it. Would be really nice to have something that I could set pump schedules and monitor things like pressure and flow rates.

However, one hang-up I can envision would be making it user friendly enough as far as installing it. Could be more plug and play with an aboveground pool but for in-ground I think there would be plumbing and electrical work needed. I would do it myself, but I could imagine a pool company raking you over the coals to install something they didn’t sell you.

Just my 2 cents, but definitely a good idea.


I also would really like to see Wyze offer an automated pool controller. I’ve thought about building one myself as the commercial ones are not that complicated, although their $$$$ cost would make you think otherwise.
For features, it would be wireless like Wyze’s other home products, control up to 2 pumps, 4 valves, the heater, and have an ambient air temp sensor (freezing temp detection). Options could be sensors to measure chlorine, pH, water flow, water temp, and be able to control the pool lights, feature lights, etc. Scheduling, control, notifications would be via the app and some basic controls on the controller’s front panel.
I hope Wyze considers this request and I’d be more than happy to beta test it!

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