Aquarium Controller System

I would like to see a Wyze aquarium controller system. It seems like a lot of the functionality for this already exists in the Wyze app with the rules engine. Most controllers come with a power bar with maybe 8 plugs. Then, you have sensors for pH, Salinity, temperature, and ORP.

What I think would be a lot of extra work would be integrations of controlling other flow pumps.

I feel some type of controller that could control power bars, and monitor pH, temp and salinity for $200 or less would be a big seller. There are likely options to have subscription options for maybe an Aquarium Plus subscription service as well. Add on like Wyze dosing pumps to go along with the controller. I see a lot of possibilities.

Iā€™d like to see a Wyze controller similar to a Neptune Systems Apex controller with app functionality like Apex Fusion, including Wyze Cam integration. We have a wishlist topic requesting Apex Fusion - Wyze Cam integration support.

Yeah, I was thinking along the lines of the Apex or Coralvue Hydros. Something like the base Apex EL functionality though. The base of controlling power outlets, and monitoring pH, salinity and temp for a reasonable price would get a lot of aquarium owners much farther ahead than they currently are.

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