Permanent and Smart Soil pH/Moisture/temperature Meter

So, basically, a digital soil quality measurement device that stays in the soil. May need multiple devices or probes for full coverage. Warns when pH and moisture are out of range, warns about seasonal weeds in the area. The app should have the option of giving the plant name, and a database should give back the required pH, moisture, and other tips and tricks.

  • maybe some motion sensor or pressure sensor that can detect anyone around the area which could be turned on at night and such. Probably not good to have two devices in one.

Interesting idea! @shkhr.varshney!
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I guess with the Wyze Cam V3, we don’t really need the motion/pressure sensor in that soil sensor. Best to keep it for what it will be used for lol.

Thanks for your appreciation. We just got into a new house and have no clue about maintaining backyards. Now our backyard has all this moss. I think we would love some kind of smart meter that can inform us of what happened and what to do about it.