Pool monitor app for the pan-cam

A pool safety / security camera".
I am a father of 4 children with a pool. I plan on placing one of your pan-cams under the eve of my house overlooking our back deck and the pool. I am hoping that your Pan-cam will allow me to select the pool area and also the pool gate area so that if it detects movement in the pool or at the gate it will send me an alert to my phone.

@guiltycbr, Monitoring for motion is one of the basic functions of Wyze Cams, so this is not really pool-specific. That said, motion detection is pixel based, so you will probably get some false alerts. Wyze Cams were not really designed as a safety system for this situation.

As to whether you can limit the motion detection to just the pool and gate, that depends on the layout. There is a detection zone available, but for now, it is a simple rectangle. If you search in the #wishlist category, you will find a topic for more complex detection zone configuration that you can vote for.

You could consider using Wyze Sense motion detector and contact sensor for the pool and gate respectively. But these would have to be fully protected from the weather as they are not approved for outdoor use.


A further question on this same thread…
Can any WYZE camera catch pets who may fall into an in-ground pool AND alert me in a timely fashion?
I have 3 senior dogs who love being outside at night. They are not left alone, but I am deaf and could easily miss a splash.
We also have cats who are not confined to the house.