Show on/off status of lights for Floodlight Pro

I would like to suggest that the floodlight icon on live view of the Floodlight Pro indicated the on/off status of the lights when activated motion.

I know the icon can be used to turn the lights on manually and the icon then reflects the status. But not when motion activated.


Voting for it and will test again tonight and verify.

My initial test yielded the following:

Set the light to go on when motion has been set. I checked the live stream and the Light indicator was off. I then went back out of the stream, when I saw the light go on, I went to the Live stream page and it the light was showing as on. I could then tap on the light to turn it off.

Is this the steps that you did? Trying to see if I can reproduce it.

That is the same behavior I saw in the tests I just conducted. So, it looks like the status does not update unless you leave the live stream screen and then go back in.

To me, that sounds like it is more of a bug that could be easy to fix. I know the Ring I replaced indicated when the light status changed on the fly. It would be nice it the Wyze Spotlight did too,

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I just tested this using the Android Production App.

The floodlights activated on motion and an Alexa Routine notified me of such. I launched the app and opened live view and the indicator on the lower left shows that the Floodlight is On.

That is what I am experiencing as well.

However, if you are live streaming and the light goes on, does the icon change to show it is on?

I tested that yesterday and no, the status does not change while in Live Stream. If you exit Live Stream and go back, the icon will show they are on.

As I said above, it doesn’t update the icon “on the fly.”


Yep, I understood that. Wanted @SlabSlayer to test it as well.

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Going to test tonight. Haven’t had that opportunity yet.

I plan to as well.

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I just got reminded that I needed to test this since the status was assigned.

I think this one can get marked Granted.

I live streamed the Cam w\ the lights off, the floodlight icon button showed Off.

I walked in front of the cam, the floodlights activated.

During that time the button overlay disappeared after a couple seconds, but when I tapped the image, the floodlight button reappeared and it indicated On.

No need to reload the stream, button updated.

Android App
FLP FW 2.1.999

I think part of where it gets confusing is when someone uses the Ambient light setting.

I might have ambient light at 10% and normal Floodlight at 100% but in my experience I think the icon shows on if either of them are on. So the floodlight might be off, but if ambient light is at 10% then the floodlight icon still shows on even when the “floodlight” is off.

I haven’t thoroughly tested, but it seems that sometimes if the full floodlight is on, then I have to tap the floodlight icon twice to turn off everything (once for the floodlight and once more for the ambient light), but the icon looks the same…because in a way it is the same. So to me a part of the question is whether there should be a way to distinguish between floodlight vs ambient light? IDK. Maybe it doesn’t matter, just throwing it out there as something to consider.

I don’t use the FLP Floodlights for Ambient lighting so that isn’t something I tested.

In the context of this request however, updating the floodlight icon from off to on when motion activated while streaming in live view, I think it is providing that.

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I performed another test yesterday morning. I brought the Floodlight Pro live stream up before I walked into the camera field of view. As we (me and my dogs) walked out in front of the garage, the floodlights turned on and the icon on the screen changed to show the new status of the lights. After we walked out into the street, I waited for the lights to turn off. When they did, the icon also updated on the fly to show the new status.

So, based on that test, I think Wyze found and fixed a bug. Maybe this Wishlist item can be closed, @WyzeJasonJ.