Flood light needs a “stay on” option

I love my flood light. The camera is amazing! And the lights are bright. I may be missing something but I need a feature in the app that allows me to leave the light portion on. Maybe “double clicking” the light button or something. But it shutting off after a couple of minutes is frustrating if we are getting things out of the car at night or just being outside at night. If I’m on the other side of the yard and it times out I’m in the pitch black dark! Love my Wyze products!!!

A double tap gesture is a good idea, but currently the only way to do this is go into the camera settings > accessories > floodlight settings, and set it to ON instead of AUTO

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When you view the Live Stream for the Floodlight, there should be an icon that looks like the floodlight. Pressing that will turn the floodlight on and leave it on until you turn it back off manually.

Edit: I have learned that Wyze, in some insane break from reality and basic logical thought, assuming they know what the user wants better than the user does, has programmed the Floodlight V1 (and all V3 accessories presumably as I have tested this on the Wyze Light Socket which exhibits the same behavior) to turn off when exiting the live stream if turned on within the live stream. If I turn it on, don’t I want it on? Apparently not. Odd that they got it right with the Floodlight Pro which does stay on when turned on manually within the Live Stream. But, in a stroke of genius, they do allow the Floodlight to stay on if turned on by a Rule so the next paragraph is still 100% probable, maybe, until Wyze decides I don’t want that either.

Alternatively, you can create a set of Shortcut Rules that will place buttons at the top of your App Home screen. One can turn the Floodlights On, the other can turn them off. When turned on by a shortcut rule, they should stay on until you manually turn them off.

In both scenarios, when turned back off manually, they will return back to motion activated within a short time.

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I don’t believe this is the case. I think that’s what the OP is talking about. When you exit the live stream the floodlight usually turns back off.