Wyze Cam Floodlight Pro Lights Won't Turn Off

Have changed floodlight settings, including turning off Ambient, but nothing works to shut off the lights. They run 24 hours.

Have you tried power cycling the light? If you have a switch installed you can toggle it off for about 10 seconds, or else you could use the breaker.

If the light turns on again after that could you provide some screenshots of your floodlight settings.

When you open the FLP Live Stream in the app, if you tap on the video area, there is an Icon button that appears in the lower left to manually control the lights. Tapping it will manually toggle the lights On or Off. Toggling them off will NOT affect your Motion Activated Floodlight settings. Toggling this on will leave them on in manual mode until you turn them off.


Thank you SO much! I’ve spent so much time on this, so you are a lifesaver. :raised_hands:t5::blush:


You’re welcome! Keep coming back to the forum if you have more questions!


What about if you don’t have that? It was on there at first but now it’s not. How do I get it back?

If you tap the video stream it should show the controls.

There is no control of the spot light (or any other light on the screen. It just says WYZE in the bottom left corner!!! Looks like the wrong code load got added on the “update”.

Can you provide a screenshot of this?

What is there to take a picture of? The spot light on top of the camera just stays on as long as there is power to the camera. The camera goes through intermittent steps of red status light and blue status light, but seems to have the same picture quality and otherwise useability in either red or blue status – but the spot light stays on. I am having my knee surgically replaced tomorrow, so I am in no hurry to track down the order number and date of purchase – I purchased all my WYZE devices from you so I assume you have all the numbers. I purchased 2 CAM V3’s, but only one had a spot light purchased with it – and guess what: That is the one I have the problem with.

Cheers, Bob Teague

IEatBeans is not a Wyze employee and has no access to users’ information. We are fellow Wyze users who volunteer to help out on this primarily user-to-user forum.


I was requesting a screenshot of the camera live stream to show there is no spotlight icon. On my cameras there is a button that can be pressed to temporarily toggle the light on and off. It’s in a slightly different location depending on camera model and light type, but if you can show a screenshot I can help you find it or diagnose a potential issue.

As Seapup said, I do not work for wyze and do not have access to your order information. This is a community support forum. If you want to get in contact with wyze you can at support.wyze.com.

I hope your knee surgery goes well.

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