Should the Rule "Set Brightness to" also Turn on (if off)

Using rules, It you issue a set brightness to when a bulb is off, it turns it on. I do not want this additional action. Can you fix this?

Can you post a screen shot of your rule? Make sure all actions are visible. What type of bulb are you trying to change the brightness of? What is your use case? How come you don’t change the brightness when the bulb is actually set to turn on?


This is a user to user forum, and this needs to be determined if it is a bug, or if it’s intended to work this way. If determined to be a bug, you’ll be directed to contact Support to report the issue so it can be forwarded to the Devs/Engs for investigation. Or if this is acting as intended, then maybe we can make a wishlist item to get it to act a different way.

I tried to recreate but was unable to because I don’t know what exact devices you are using for this. Are you using a switch for this somehow? I see you tagged the thread switch and not any if the bulbs.


I just created a rule to set brightness on my Wyze Color Bulbs to 22% when triggered. When the rule triggers, the bulb turns on at 22% brightness.

The rule cannot set the brightness of the bulb unless it is on. This is the way it is designed.

Even when you open the bulb UI with the bulb off, dragging the brightness bar from its last setting to a new brightness setting will immediately turn the bulb on and change the brightness to where you are setting it.

Please share the use case environment that you need to adjust the brightness of a bulb that is off. It may help us to find a way for it to work for you.

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Thank you SlabSlayer. This reply states the issue perfectly. If the Wyze BR30 is off and you run a rule that adjust the brightness then it turns it on.

This is sticky for me because I have installed BR30s in my kitchen with Wyze switches (3-way) to control them and of the 5 installed I have one over a sink that can be lit individually without the others. My Wyze switches have triple and hold functions to adjust the brightness of the full group (however when executed it turns on the ones that are off). So to me, when rules have separate functions for on and off, and set brightness, the set brightness should not execute the on function.

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As it is currently, adjusting the brightness for a bulb, either by way of a rule, a schedule, or by way of the bulb or group adjustment UI, turns an off bulb on and adjusts the brightness to the input setting.

Since this is the way it is currently designed to operate, this would be a Feature Request by way of the #wishlist.

Fortunately, the request has already been entered into the #wishlist. Follow the link, vote for the request at the top, like :heart: some posts, and add your reply to the bottom with your use case need. The topic tags appear they also need to be updated to include the BR30 bulbs.