Use Rules when a Bulb powers on from the power switch to turn on other Bulbs

I will like to turn on all the livingroom wyze bulb from the light switch connected to one wyze bulb.

I have a wyze bulb connected to the light switch, I added a rule:
Trigger when bulb:
Turn on

However nothing happens when I switch the bulb on from the switch and giving power to the bulb. (power loss recovery β†’ Turn the light on)

Is there anything I can do to get it to work?

I wanted to order other Wyze bulb for all of my house, however if this feature is not working its now worth buying them.

My guess is that it is not working because the bulb is not truly being tuned on it is coming on from a power loss. The rule would probably work if you truly turned on the bulb. They aren’t really intended to be used by cutting the power to them.

Try using the App to turn the Bulb on and see if that works. That being said, better to just create a group and turn the entire group on. I use Alexa to do that, or the App.

The other thing I experiment with is putting my Rules in my Alexa App. Sometimes they work better, or differently, from there for some reason.

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