New to Wyze...3 questions

  1. Trying to use Google Nest. Cannot display Wyze cam on tablet. Have read this is a well known problem without resolution. True? Resolution?

  2. I had created a rule to turn on and off a Wyze bulb via time on / time off. After creating the rule, I wished to have the brightness or color different than when the rule was created. Every time the cycle started, it was at the brightness and color that was established with the initial rule. I found no way to edit the rule’s brightness or color via the edit rule option. I had to delete the rule and create an entire new rule for the desired brightness and color. That’s cumbersome. You’d think the “edit rule” would be all inclusive like when it was first created. Is there another work-around or should Wyze elevate this capability to the next update?

  3. I want to turn on lamp from the motion detector. I had to create 2 rules: 1 for on and 1 for off. OK, that got me that far. Now, what I need is a delay for the off of X seconds/minutes after motion sensor goes clear, or a time duration for the light to be on after motion is detected. Suggestions?
    —EDIT—solved by carverofchoice pointing out the “Has been clear for” trigger. Thank you.