Rules: Unable to set Wyze Color Light to turn off after 45 seconds

1st Question, is there a category for just discussing Rules? If not there should be.

2nd Question, I have create rules in the past for the four Wyze Color Bulbs I have to where when they turn on, the turn off after 45 seconds (bulbs are being used to alert me of various things like Person Detection at my doorbell, or Person Detection from various V3 cams.

I want the Wyze Bulb to turn off after 45 Seconds, and could do so as shown here:

All was well, I purchased two more Wyze Color Bulbs, set one up my hallway, and set a Wyze Motion Sensor to turn it on with Motion, that works for the most part…

Now, I need to turn off the bulb… In the rules, I attempted to recreate the rules I’m using to do that very thing on my existing four Wyze Color bulbs, and I see no way to create this rule again for my 5th, and 6th Wyze Color Bulbs. Did this feature get removed? Moved somewhere else in the rules?

I have a motion sensor v2 in my sunroom, that turns on a Wyze Plug to turn on a desk lamp upon detecting motion, then turns off after motion has been clear for 10 minutes.

But if try to do the same thing with my sensor in my hallway to turn off a Wyze Color Bulb, I don’t see the Wyze Color Bulb as an option (I do see my two Wyze Light Strips as options to be turned off… as well as my Wyze Plugs)

What am I missing here?


Looks like this was occurring in the Beta version of the app.

I installed the non Beta version of the app and can see the Wyze Color lights available to set the rules as before.


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Wyze is aware that the individual color bulbs seem to be missing from the Rules. They are working on correcting this. However, if you group the color bulbs, it appears that the Group will be available in the Rules.

But Glad you found a solution.


Thanks for the suggestion, I grouped my four color bulbs when I first installed them, hoping to sort of put them in a ‘room’ together, and access them individually there, only to discover that in doing so, I couldn’t set rules on individual lights.

I assume most folks would group lights, but I’m using them as individual ‘alert’ lights for motion detection from various camera’s outside, such as the doorbell (turns the 'south color light on, red, when person is detected) Turns the West light on, yellow, when a pet is detected in the cat box in the sun room. Turns the North Light on, red, when person detected in the back yard, etc.

The four lights sit in a ceiling fan with four light fixtures. (these lights never get used for anything, so they now house four color lights for 'notification purposes). (Might be a good solution for a hard of hearing household)


Impressive use. I don’t normally do rules with groups that much either.

I am sure Wyze will correct this soon and get an update out. This has been reported and they are aware of the issue.

It was a server-side issue that was resolved a few days ago. Some users needed to reboot phone/tab to get it back. If anyone still has this issue, please respond to WyzeQi in this topic:

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Thanks @Seapup


Just checked and everything is there and seems to work.

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Hi @nixhome2020 Even if you grouped all your color bulbs, it should work for you to set individual actions for each bulb. You can see I grouped bulb1-bulb4, while I can still set an action to each bulb.
What’s your app version? Could you update it to the latest version 2.28 and try again?
If you still have these issues, please let me know.

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