Sharing your device with other users

I have a quick question. I shared several of my devices with someone, but I did not revoke the access. They showed on there earlier this week. Now it shows I haven’t shared any devices yet. Can the individual you shared them with remove their own access to your devices after accepting the invitation? I swear I didn’t stop sharing.

Thanks in advance!

Yes. You can deny or remove shared devices from your account at any time. Wyze wants everyone to have control over their own account.

I haven’t formally tested it, but this appears to be possible in the Android app (and I assume your iOS app, as well). Hopefully an iOS user will chime in with a definitive answer.

This would appear to be the expected behavior, according to a Support article:

If there are no device(s) or service(s) being shared with the user, they will automatically be removed from the list of shared users.

As I’m still writing this, I see that @carverofchoice has already answered! (No surprise there.)

Eh…except that shared users still have limited control over devices.

Anyway, welcome to the Forum, @sllankford!

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The surprise is that my answer was so short. :joy:

Hmmm…to be fair, the phrase “shared user” innately means those devices aren’t even “THEIR” devices, they are someone else’s devices that were shared with them, and they are limited with what they can do with someone else’s devices, though Wyze has said that a lot of that is intentional, such as access to someone else’s SD card on a shared camera being restricted because Wyze can’t limit the shared user to only access videos that were recorded AFTER they received permission to see the camera.

So to some degree it depends on your semantical definition of control over your account. In the context of my claim I was indicating that Wyze would not FORCE a shared user to be stuck with someone else’s camera on their account. Imagine that I shared my cat litter camera with you, and forced notification to be on so that you would always get a notification every time my cat went to the bathroom. :joy_cat: Would it be fair to force you to keep that cam on your account and be forced to receive those notifications? Of course not. Hence why shared users are allowed to decide if they want to accept a share, keep a share, or ditch the share. :joy: In that context, you have control over your ACCOUNT, even though you don’t have full control over my device. That is what I was saying.

But it was a fun discussion.

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Oh, I know, I was just using it as an opportunity to give you some grief, take a dig at Wyze, and point a new Forum user to a Wishlist item for another vote. :wink:

This is exactly what I should be doing with you! Brilliant!

Indeed, and I knew what you were saying and understood the difference. All in good fun!

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Yes, my question was whether the person I’m sharing with can make that determination. I never revoked their access but they do not show as a shared user anymore.

Yes, and that’s what @carverofchoice was saying. I just tested this for myself: In the Wyze app, I tapped :bust_in_silhouette: Account > Sharing > an account that’s sharing devices with me under SHARED WITH ME > then the :pencil2: in the upper-right of the screen > then unchecked :white_check_mark: a device to sever my shared access > then Update. I no longer had that shared device on my list, and the account that was sharing with me showed that it wasn’t sharing that device with me any longer.

Then I shared it back with myself. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Incidentally, what I removed was the second outlet from a Plug Outdoor :plug_outdoor:. It’s so funky that this can be shared as two separate devices. :man_shrugging:

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WOW! That’s crazy. I didn’t realize you could share a single outlet on an outdoor plug but not the second paired one on the same device. That is really funny! I’m glad it works that way, but it is still funny to consider. It might be the only device that allows you to split the entities.

Yeah, I had no idea it worked like that, though I knew they could be controlled independently. I just tested it for grins to see what would happen, and I learned something in the process.

I’m glad it works that way, too, and I can imagine some cases where that might be the desirable way to control things. I think it’s actually kinda cool that it works that way.