Remove a shared user

I am trying to remove a shared user, but my account doesn’t show a shared user, to remove. It is on their phone, though. How do I remove them? There’s no shared user to delete!

Shared users should be listed here: “Settings” → “Sharing”

If not shown, maybe delete the camera and re-set up.

That’s my problem. It says no shared user! But I shared it, when I first got, and it’s still on their phone. I don’t understand why.

I’m trying to avoid deleting and re-setting up. I’m not even sure it would work, because the last camera that i added, automatically added to their phone. I’m pretty frustrated.

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Are you sure you didn’t share your account’s login credentials with them? Just individual devices to their email?

If you shared your login/account then the way to do it would be to change your password and remove any 2FA and set up a new 2 Factor authentication. This should force log out anyone you shared your account with.

If you shared individual devices, please contact support about this. It’s a pretty important issue they would need to be made aware of.

Worst case scenario, you could contact …but I would start with support first.


OH!! I’ll try that. Thank you


That sounds like it’s @april’s account on the other phone, right? Aren’t devices shared individually, so that if @april added a new device to the Wyze account and the other person was actually the shared recipient (share-ee) on a separate Wyze account, then @april would have to go through the steps to share the new device with that person before it would show up on the other phone’s Wyze account?

That’s what it seems like to me. I wonder also if there’s some confusion and it’s showing up as a shared device through a third-party service (e.g., Google Home), because I don’t know how a device would automatically appear like that on someone else’s phone otherwise.

I also wonder about this:


I got there via :bust_in_silhouette: Account > Account > Trusted Devices. I tapped the :pencil2: in the upper-right and then Select All, then Remove. That kicked me out of the Wyze app on my tablet (but not another phone, as I expected). (It also showed me that Wyze needs to update their two-factor authentication [2FA] messaging, because the Web page that I authenticate through says that devices can be trusted for 90 days, but this screen says it’s a 30-day window.)

This seems like it might be a way to kick someone out of an account if they have your login credentials and you’re already using 2FA.

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I think I did share my account. I did as you suggested. I guess i won’t know if it worked, unless the other person says something. I feel like it should have probably worked though. I feel better changing the password and the 2 FA. I want to thank everyone for their help. Thank you


After I change the password and 2FA, would the other shared user automatically be kicked off, or would I have to wait until they signed out and tried to sign back in? Thank you


I don’t know the answer to that, and I was just wondering the same thing. If I were in your situation, I’d navigate to the Trusted Devices screen in the Wyze app and remove all the devices that show up there because it might not be automatic. If someone else doesn’t provide an answer, then I can try to test it myself (changing my password and 2FA token), though I’d rather avoid that if I can.

I think that’s a good question! Hopefully someone with actual experience with that has a reliable answer.


Thanks so much


You’re welcome. I hope it’s helpful.

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Do you know if after I changed the password and 2FA, would the other shared user be automatically kicked off, or would i have to wait for them to sign out, and try to sign back in? Thank you

Who is this other person that you shared your login info with? Can you ask them to log out?

If you wanted to take action now, you could create a new Wyze account and install your devices in this new account. If you have services hooked to this current account that’d make things more complicated.

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Yes, if you change the password and 2FA it should log out all other users using your account. However, if it is a separate account the devices were shared to, then it might require going through the account tab and sharing section to remove them. If you don’t see anything listed there, they shouldn’t have any access.

If you are concerned and want confirmation/reassurance, email and they will look into it for you and see if anyone besides you is able to access your devices. They will have access to verify whatever you need for a concern like this.


Thank you