Remove shared person

how do you remove a person that you previously shared cam with. seems i can only stop share, which just sends a new share request. i want to remove their email

If you go to Account>Sharing in the Wyze app, you can remove their ability to view whichever devices are listed to that user. You just click the email, it brings up a list of devices they can view, and you can remove those devices from being shared to that user.

As far as I know, this doesn’t send them a new share link.


This would remove shared access to specific device, hut how do you remove the email from “recent shred” list.

If you remove someone that you have shared a camera with. How does it show up on their app when they go to pull up the camera. Does it disappear altogether? Will it give them an error saying the camera is offline? It still shows up under shared device list but says devices are unavailable.

I have the same question. Need to remove a previously shared user from the recent list, so I don’t accidently select them again.

Someone from @wyzesupport please answer the question how do we remove the email AL together!

I would also like to remove a previously shared email so i do not accidentally share to them. How can this be accomplished?

If its not an end-user function yet, can we request it be removed from the database by the Wyze Dev Team or the DB admins?

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