How to stop sharing camera?

How do i remove a share if it says i haven’t shared with anyone yet?

… i have. And when i click the + to add a person it has the email of the person i recently shared with…

This is a serious issue… how can i fix it?

@fiftys Welcome to the community! How many cameras did you share? And if you have more than one, are you looking under the one camera you shared?

Also, have you tried anything like uninstalling/reinstalling the app?

To share a camera, you go into the camera’s settings, and click on Share.

To UNshare a camera, you go to a completely different place. I know, not very intuitive. Back out of all of your cams, back to the Home page. Then click on Account >Sharing. There you can click on the user, and remove them from the Share.


I haven’t tried uninstalling the app. The screen shot i posted is from account/share… nothing in there. I have 3 cameras. Shared 2 of them with 1 person… see:

For what its worth. Im also running the wyze beta rtsp firmware… but that shouldnt matter, or ? I dont know. But this is a security risk
The person i shared with is my wife. However. I need to temp share with someone else… so ill need to remove it soon after.