Cannot share devices anymore?

So I recently picked up a Wyze Cam Pan V3. So far love it. Kind of disappointed the stickers that were promised to not be in the box, and isn’t even on the product page. Seems Wyze sneakily removed any mentions of the stickers and I don’t believe they gave an explanation or anything.

Anyways. That’s not why I’m here. I’m here because I can no longer share devices with someone who lives in the house with me. I tried removing all devices that I share with said person, and then re adding them, but now it doesn’t show any devices. When I look on my Mom’s phone there’s no place to accept the shared devices. Yes I looked in “Settings → Sharing” I’m not a dinosaur with technology and navigating software/apps. Her email just says to accept the sharing request in the app. But obviously we can’t. Why can’t we just have a set list of who we share devices with? Like people whom we live with should just make it so when they go on their app it looks exactly like mine. They see all devices. Have access to add and remove devices/services and minimal access to family or family friends we trust. This is the biggest problem with any smart home device and app implementation. The sharing aspect where they expect older people to care enough to make an account. Like why can’t I just invite them and they’re just a sub user under my account?? Doesn’t matter if it’s Wyze or Nest or Ring. No one has yet to figure out a streamline way to implement the app and giving users the ability to add and remove people without jumping through hoops. Sorry for the tangent. Just frustrating paying money for a device, and it’s not even the fault of the device, but the app that supports said device.

Has anyone else on iOS run into an issue like this? On my Moms phone it shows that there are pending devices, but when clicking on shared devices there’s nothing there. On my end it just says pending.

On your mom’s account , when you go to account , at the top right their will be a chat icon with a number in red.

That’s where you accept devices that are being shared to your account.