Sharing hardware issues

Created an account for wife and initiated sharing. My account states sharing is pending on each hardware item.
Wife’s account does not show “pending share invitations” per below copy/pasted instructions.
So we are stuck since the invitations are not visible to accept in her account.
Any advice is appreciated.

If you are the shared user, you can accept the shared camera by going to the Account tab to view pending share invitations. Once you’ve accepted the share, You’ll notice a little tag in the Devices tab telling you the username of the person that shared the Wyze Camera with you.


Under “Account”, did you check the small icon in the very upper right? It looks like a tiny word bubble with three dots in it. It might even have a number (of new messages) by it.

This should take you to “Messages” where you should see “Discover” “Shop” and “Device Sharing” - where you should be able to see and accept pending share invitations.

I have the same problem. I’ve contacted Tech Support, but they have been unable to resolve the issue. No messages under “Device Sharing” for either user that I am trying to share Wyze Cam with. Quite frustrating.

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I’m having the same issue. I got the email saying the device is being shared, but my inbox in the app is empty. There’s no way to “accept” the invite.

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I am also having the same issue. Got the “sharing” email, but no messages in the account tab under messages.

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Same here. I received the email but there is no message under device sharing in my account in the app.

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Same problem here. Shows the invitation under my account>three dots>sharing as waiting to accept but doesnt show the invite under the same location on my wife’s account .

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So I was able to get it to work by sending another invite to my wifes email. But I’m unable to cancel/remove the first invite that’s labeled as pending and if I select the pending invite and and select remove, it removes the active share instead. At least it’s it working but definitely a little buggy.

I’m having the same issue. Can’t remove the pending requests.

Well after I wrote my complaint, figured out how to delete the pending requests.

After tapping the email with the pending share, I trapped on the edit at the top and then just unchecked the cameras. Then selected update at the bottom of the screen. No more shares pending.