share device - inviting users

I have found that sometimes when you share a camera, the invite goes right through no problem. BUT, sometimes, when I send an invite out it does not ever go through. On my app it says “waiting to accept” but it does not ever arrive in the recipients email. I have a camera already shared with this person and it makes me wonder if there is a one camera limit for each user.

I had the same issue, but looked it up in support, and found this:

“Users can view and accept share invitations in the Notifications tab by tapping Messages.”

So they’re not getting an email. They need to open the app and go into Notifications, then Messages, to accept. Now it works great :slight_smile:

Interesting. My invite never did go through and never showed up in his messages. We swapped ownership on that camera and now I will be seeing if the invite shows up for me.

Nate said: My invite never did go through and never showed up in his messages


“Messages” needs a dictionary check. There are text messages on the phone via cell provider — there are a whole slew of “messenger” apps like FaceBook, Google, FaceTime, within games, Skype, -----


I’m going to suggest (Merely based on context of Wyze Cameras) that the invitation message did NOT go through like a" lookee-here-at-this- neat-gizmo" ---- the message may be being sent from the Wyze app to another Wyze app (which does have Messages under Notifications).

A bugaboo is that “Email Address” seems to imply you are sending an email ------ NOPE!!! Your invitee/ buddy has to have the app and an account set up – and ya gotta know the email address used for that to link your Wyze message to his Wyze app.

The message that is not going through is a Wyze app to Wyze app situation. If the person does not have the app, I am notified that they are not set up yet, and it tells me that an invite is sent to the person. If the person does have the Wyze app, the app recognizes that and the message to me is that the app is waiting for the message to be accepted. The strange thing is that sometimes they go right through within 1-2 minutes and sometimes they never arrive at the destination.

Ditto. Email invites used to work. Now they are not showing up. Camera firmware and apps are latest versions.