Resend camera sharing invite?

Is there any way to re-send an invite? It doesn’t seem like I can. I found a post dated almost exactly a year old a Wyze employee stated they were going to make some improvements in this regard, but it doesn’t seem like they have that I can see.


Are you referring to camera sharing invitation or something else?

If camera sharing, then go to the Account tab in the camera owner’s account in the Wyze App, select the camera and tap Cancel to cancel the existing share. Then tap Add a Share at the bottom to re-add it. The other user’s account should appear in the Recent Shares section, so you can just tap that without having to re-type the email address.

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Sorry, my bad, yeah I meant camera sharing invite. Title updated to reflect that.

I’m having an off morning, I failed (really badly) to elaborate:
So, the problem here is that the existing invitation was not accepted, as a result, there’s an invite to share, but no actual share has happened. This seems to leave you in a limbo state, because you can’t cancel an outstanding invite that hasn’t been accepted, and you can’t cancel sharing with them, because you aren’t actually sharing yet. But it won’t let me send another because I’ve already sent one. In a sense, you could say, the app assumes that the only outcome is success.

They say they aren’t seeing the invite either, hence the desire to resend it.

Ah, ok, I see.

They are probably not looking in the right place. Have them click the Account tab in their app. Then click the Messages icon image at the top right corner of that screen. They should see the invitation there. If not, let me know.


I walked them through that process, sent them screenshots even of where to click, and they say they aren’t seeing it, but I’ll double-check with them (we’re in different states…remote IT support FTW). I think at least one of them got a new phone lately, so if it’s something where the invite resides with the particular installation on a device, perhaps that’s the issue?

It should show up in all devices logged in with that account’s email.

I get the cross country IT support. Years ago, I was phone-helping a parent learn how to use a computer. At one point I asked him to look at the top window and tell me what he saw. Answer: “well, I see the car in the driveway”. True story.


OMG. As an ex-personal computer specialist, I can relate. :rofl:

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Thanks for the reply. I’ll try and walk them through it again, but I’ll probably see them in person at the end of the month, so I may just have to try and fix it myself then.

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