Cameras shared to me not shown in messages or devices

I obtained 2 Wyze emails stating 2 different cameras were shared to my email. When I initially went to Account → Messages, it indicated I had messages waiting, but when I viewed that page nothing was listed and then the message indicator cleared. I cannot see the messages or the cameras that were shared to my account.

Any ideas?

The user is revoking my share authorization to one of my cameras today and will re-share it tomorrow.

Just wanted to see if anybody else has seen this issue… BTW, there are newly-installed cameras.

Yes, at least in the past I have seen issues getting shares to actually share.

What is the model number of the cameras being shared? What is the app version of the person receiving the share? (Account tab > About > look under the Wyze logo).

Current Android Version: (March 8, 2023)
Current iOS Version: (March 8, 2023)

Only new apps will be able to see the new camera models.

You also shouldn’t have to go to Account > Messages to accept the share. You should just be prompted when you next log onto the account. If you say no to the share, then they will need to send a new request.

Android Version: v2.39.0 (179)
— I updated the SW to: 2.40.0 (190), just now…

Camera: Wyze Cam Pan v3

There was no accept when starting the program after updating it. My neighbor removed my share permissions yesterday for one of the cameras and will re-share sometime today. Will see if updating the app solves the issue.

These are the instructions I obtained in the email to add the camera:



  • The owner of the camera’s shared them to me using a private email, not the email address I used to log into Wyze. I obtained email using the consolidated thunderbird inbox and did not notice the destination email used.

The solution was to have the camera owners send a sharing invite to the email address I used to log into the Wyze app with.

Simple oversite and simple solution…

Yep, those are the generic instructions that are sent when attempting to share a device with an email that doesn’t have a wyze account associated with it. Glad you got it figured out!