Cannot share cameras after new router install

Cameras were shared fine before. Everything worked. New router hooked up all the cameras working fine with it. App looks fine. Go to share to the same email and it says pending on the app but the emails never show up. This worked perfect before now they wont share. Any ideas on how to fix. Thank you.

A share does not generate an email, if it ever did.

The normal process is for the person you shared the cam with to see that you shared a cam with them the next time they log into the app. At that point they can accept, or not. If it still says pending maybe they haven’t accepted the share yet?

Since the sharing permission goes through the Wyze servers, not the device itself, the router change should just be a coincidence rather than the cause.

I searched my secondary account, and I’ve apparently NEVER received an email when I shared a device with another account in the last couple of years. I am thinking it doesn’t send an email.

The person you share with with has to open the Wyze app to accept the share. When they open their app, it should then pop up a message that a new device was shared with them and allow them to accept it. Sometimes this doesn’t happen though, and what you have to do instead to accept it is do the following:

  • Click on the Account tab at the bottom of the app
  • Select Sharing
  • Go to Shared with me and select the account that shared something with you
  • Accept any pending shared devices

Doing that should work even though emails aren’t being sent out.


New email addresses shared with receive an e mail asking them to download the app.

That’s weird, because in all the years I’ve been using lots of Wyze devices, my wife’s account never got an email when I share each device with her. Just sent a bunch of shares last week when I had to delete and re-add all my V2 sensors and hub. She just gets a pop up invitation notification in the app that says I have shared so and so device and she just clicks Accept. That device then shows up at the top of her device list.
As Carver of choice mentioned, the device or router doesn’t generate these requests, a share from the senders account just tells the Wyze servers to send a notification to the account associated with the email that was shared with.

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