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WhatsApp is a huge messaging platform and for many, the primary messaging platform used on a daily basis. It would be nice to be able to share videos from Wyze to WhatsApp.

@wah.jai99: You don’t indicate what kind of phone you are using. If using iOS, after tapping the Share button (box with arrow coming out of it), scroll the colorful list of options to the far right and tap More. If you have WhatsApp installed, you should be able to flip the switch to enable sharing to that app.

I don’t know Android, but would expect something similar is available for it.


Likewise for Android.


@ssummerlin: Thanks for jumping in with the Android knowledge.


Sorry, I’m using Android 9. Running in Samsung Galaxy S8+ if that matters. When I hit the share button, WhatsApp is an option but I receive an error when attempting to send the video. After reaching out to the support team, I was notified sharing via WhatsApp is not supported and was directed here to request this functionality.

I’m not sure that’s correct. Can you provide your support ticket number so we can ask Wyze to look into it further.

Any other WhatsApp users out there able to share videos to WhatsApp?. @Mavens

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I am not a WhatApp user but if no on else has it I would be happy to try it?

I don’t use WhatsApp but I see loads of sharing options on my Galaxy S10e on Android Pie.

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Ticket number is 382262

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I have passed that along. In the mean time, a workaround may be to share it so another app or to your phone’s gallery and then share from there to WhatsApp.

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I’ve tried downloading a local copy then sharing it through WhatsApp but that’s not working either. This issue seems to just be isolated to videos captured in Events. Thanks Loki.

If you are having trouble downloading to your phone, that is something for which you should submit a Support Request

Sharing the 12 second event video doesn’t work for the stock Android messenger service as well. You just get an error saying can’t resize the video. I tried downloading it to my phone first but got the same error. I reported this issue a long time ago as well with no fix ever coming.

I can download videos and events just fine. It’s sharing events I’m having problems with. Support ticket has already been opened.

As for whatsapp, I’ve seen a few posts here that say you need to edit the clip to eliminate the audio or change it to another codec in order for whatsapp to accept it, but one notable exception was @StopICU33 saying 25 days ago that on Android he just saves the clip to his album, and can send them to Whatsapp no problem. Sam? He’s offline ATM.

If you get WhatsApp to work, it will be limited to 16 MB.

As for MMS, that’s a restriction of MMS, so Wyze can’t fix that. That is a very old system between carriers that is generally limited to 300KB-600KB depending on the version implemented. Your wireless carrier may also impose a limit. So even a 12-second clip could be a challenge here.

WeChat might be able to do it the clip is under 25 MB. Apple-to-Apple can probably do up to 200 MB over iMessage. But Apple-to-Android would be hit by the MMS limit.

The way around all this is to send a link to services like Dropbox, Google Drive, SendAnywhere, or WeTransfer. Then your limits go way up, say 10 GB or so!


Thanks for the info. Saving Event clips locally to my gallery result in the same error when I try to send via WhatsApp.

Yes. As I mentioned, the word is you have to edit the clips to remove the audio or change the audio codec to get WhatsApp to accept it. It is possible the clip @StopICU33 sent had no audio, but we will know more when he replies.

I was able to share my event video to WhatsApp fine directly from the event. Which version of the wyze app are you using? When I hit the share button it, then hit the send button, it brings up WhatsApp and the preview is all messed up with a green box. However, after I send it, the video looks normal when I play it back in the WhatsApp message. It doesn’t appear to have sound when I play it back through the WhatsApp message though.

I noticed in the past some other apps play back my wyze event videos without sound too.

I’m using wyze app v2.6.42 and WhatsApp v2.19.150 on Android 10.

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I’m on Android 9 - Wyze 2.6.42 - WhatsApp 2.19.330

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I have no problem sending event videos to WhatsApp, but they do not have audio after I send them.

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