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Hi all.

Wyze user in the UK here.

Itried sharing a clip captured by the motion sensor directly from the app using the share button straight to WhatsApp, however whilst I can select WhatsApp and then a recipient it only loads 50% of the video and then gives an error message saying that it cannot share the video.

I don’t know if it’s the file type or the app, but if I edit the clip using my S8 and save it as whatever file type the S8 uses as standard I can share that video file.

I tried sharing the original clip outside of the app, so straight from my phones memory however that didn’t work either so I’m guessing it’s the file type that Wyze uses that isn’t compatible with WhatsApp rather than something else.

Has anyone else had this problem, is this a know problem?



Does anybody have any suggestions to this please?


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Looks like an issue with the audio codec. I converted it to other mp4 format using Audio Video Manager app and it worked.

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Hi, I have the same problem. Is their a solution to this? I cannot share a video file fro. The app on what’s app

same here. exact same issue on two Samsung phones (s8 and s10). a huawei m10p works fine.

following the audio codec mentioned earlier, went ahead and downloaded Samsung’s video converter which complained about the audio codec when selecting a wyze video to edit.

I edited the file (removed 1 second on both begining and end) and saved it. went back to whatsapp and was able to send the video (no audio track).

i have the same problem. unsolved yet?

i’m afraid not. i’ll hit them up on twitter later on.

I have an android phone and every time I try to share a video using WhatsApp or the default text app I get error messages. I care more about being able so send them through WhatsApp though. I only have this problem with Wyze videos. I tried downloading the video to my phone and then sending, but it doesn’t work either. The only way to do it, it’s converting the file to any other resolution or format and then sending, but that’s too much work.

Anyone else having the same problem? Any advice?


Welcome to the community, @Kira. I don’t believe anyone has found a solution yet. I have moved your question to this existing topic in case someone does find one and posts it here. :slight_smile:

Strange is doesn’t work for you. I also use Android and when I save my Wyze videos to my album, I can send them to Whatsapp. I just tried it and it worked.

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Any updates on this? I have same issue with whatsapp. On samsung s8. Get the codec error. Don’t want to convert every time as a solution.

We’re now in mid-Dec 2020, no solution. WhatsApp fails to send the mp4 because of an audio codec issue. This is something Wyze can resolve and apparently has ignored or failed to adequately communicate a progress update.

The easiest way is to send it by Telegram, I did it and it worked just fine