Sharing events on what's app

Hi I’m having issues in sharing event videos and other videos from time line on what’s app. It goes all the way to 50% and stop with an error. How can this be sorted out.

Is the file you are trying to share over 16 MB in size? What’s the specific error message?

No it’s not 16mb. But is just 3mb. And the error Msg is can’t send this video. Choose a different video and try again.

What happens if you first save the video to the phone’s gallery/album and then share to from there to WhatsApp?

I did this but the same result the file dose not go

Best Regards

Piyush kumar

That being the case (you can’t share any video from your phone to What’s App), then it would appear to be a problem between your phone and What’s App that isn’t really Wyze related. You may want to try searching for answers on this in a general web search or on What’s App specific forums.