Unable to share videos

Hi, I have just set up a WYZE V3 camera with a SD 32 GB card inside but I’m unable to share the videos on WhatsApp. I get a message saying unable to share this video, try another one. Anyone know what to do to get the video playing on a WhatsApp share please?

Whatsapp allows file sizes up to 100 MB for documents, but limits photos, videos or voice messages to only 16 MB.

I don’t know about Whatsapp, but some communication apps also won’t allow you to send videos with unknown audio formats. So, if you got the video directly off the SD card, the raw audio format there may cause problems on those systems. Best to capture it from the card in the camera using your device, where the audio will get converted to a common format.

You can use services like Google Drive, SendAnywhere, or WeTransfer to get past the file size issue. Then your limits go way up to the multi-GB range!

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Newshound, Im not very tech savvy so I don’t understand what you wrote about capturing it from the card. Could you explain your answer in VERY simple terms please?
Thank you.

There is a process that an advanced user can follow where they pull the card out of the camera and read it on a computer. You don’t want to do that, and it no longer sounds like you are.

I assume you are just trying to share a clip with Whatsapp from within the Wyze app?

So how long is the clip you are trying to send? If it is more than a couple minutes, it may be too big for Whatsapp to accept.

I still think @Newshound’s first, longer post above was a great answer. Informed and thoughtful.

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