Weird bug - cloud video and whatsapp sharing crash, ios 11.2.6

Wyze1 the ios 11.2.6 whatsapp latest ios version.

This hasn’t happened before with the old wyze cam firmware. Now when i try to send the wyze cloud notification footage over whatsapp, it would crash whatsapp video handling API. It would say video not supported. After that, I was not able to send any video over whatsapp. The only way to fixed this is to reinstall whatsapp. I replicated this bug 4 times. As soon as I try to send a wyze cloud, it would crash my whatsapp video sending function.

Video footage is feb20.

I would send that to whatsapp support.

Is there a solutions to this? Previously I was able to send the videos directly from the notification panel through WhatsApp. Now when I try to do the same I received and error message saying video not supported. Why is that.?

Curious too. I just got this error as well.

I too am unable to share direct to Whatsapp, can’t even save to dropbox then to whatsapp… only solution i found was to share through facebook messenger then save the video from fbook chat. after that i can share the saved file over whatsapp.

android samsung s9+