Anyone else experience this? There's an issue sending video clips downloaded from the Wyze app on my iPhone X running the latest iOS

There’s an issue sending video clips downloaded from the Wyze v2.4.30 app on my iPhone X running the latest iOS 12.3.1.

I download the Wyze video to my iPhone camera roll. I try sending it via Imessage, Google Photos, Instagram private messaging, Facebook Messenger and the sending fails. I also tried this on my alternate iPhone 6 running the latest iOS and it also cannot send the Wyze video footage.

The only way I’m ever able to share the Wyze camera footage is when I trim the video to a shorter length, although length of the video does not seem to matter. I just have to trim the video so that my iphone creates a new video file of the footage. The original footage downloaded is 12s. The trimmed video file is 4s and sends perfectly fine.

This is an ongoing issue and I really would like this fixed. When I attempt to send a downloaded Wyze clip from my iphone, it fails to send, and then the phone is also unable to send any other videos afterwards. I have to restart my phone to be able to send all videos, even non-Wyze video files.

Please let me know if you can fix this asap. I can’t imagine how many other people are unable to share their video clips with their friends and family on their iPhone. Thank you for your time.

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Can you please specify which app and iOs version? “Latest” is subjective, especially if someone looks at this thread in the future. :slight_smile:

Mod note: Please do not cross post. I have deleted your comment with the same text in another thread.

App version is v2.4.30 and iOS 12.3.1.

Apologies about the cross posting. Appreciate you replying!

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Thank you, and you’re welcome. :slight_smile:

I agree, if only wyze would make it easier to share pics or video’s via FB Messenger , it would be so much more friendlier… currently it only allows you to share with other registered wyze users , which is very unuser friendly

Absolutely pain if I send to fb messages its fine anything else error to long please trim