Videos won’t forward or download on my iPhone

Has anyone else had issues with downloading or forwarding videos to your iPhone? I have tried everything, including reaching out to support, which, i am sorry but it’s awful. I have gone in circles with them and still it has not been resolved. It is not my internet connection or my phone or a storage issue. I have cleared the cache, I have rebooted my server, I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app. I have done everything they have suggested and yet it doesn’t work. I have purchased the camera for the purpose of being able to download videos that have suspicious footage, this was the point but I can’t do anything with it??!!

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Which camera are you using?

Have you given the WYZE app permissions or access to the photos folder?

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The V3, yes it has permission. All I get is “loading” but it never goes anywhere

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Did you ever get this resolved ? Iam having the same issue

No. It is intermittent so hard to troubleshoot. Seems to happen only when I need to save a copy of a video.