Can’t Download My Camera Footage

I’m still having an issue where I can’t download my camera footage. I spoke to about 5 agents and all they can do is say that we have contacted engineering about it. Anyway to get an update for support if this will be fixed or not?

You should post your question about downloading from your camera in the community forum, your question here is off subject , you will get more people focusing on your particular question there, the subject of this thread is about new pricing ,

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I did but there was still no solution. I was hoping to get an admin too review it by posting here.

Please do not cross post and stick to thread subject matter thanks :slightly_smiling_face:
This community is primarily for member interactions. Please go to the official support site for product guides and more help from Wyze.

@Johnnysmith I have merged your post to it’s own topic.

BTW, do you have a support ticket number you can post for me?

Thank you my Ticket number is 1204980. I tried all trouble shooting with 5 different agents. Basically if I try downloading my videos from my outdoor Wyze camera I get “download failed,please try again”. I tried it on different iPhones as well.

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Sorry to hear about your poor experience. I will send your ticket number over to the Wyze team so we can try to get this issue resolved for you. Thanks.


Appreciate it!

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